Camille Murray is a self-taught artist born and raised in Melbourne Beach, Florida. She moved to Southern California in 2012, pursuing her career in Environmental Science but maintaining art as a hobby and emotional outlet.

Camille’s pieces are a combination of abstract, figuritism, and fantasy. Each painting embraces bold colors and whimsical lines, often featuring portraits of women. Her backgrounds are inspired by re-use of recycled canvas and keeping the integrity of its previous life. She also experiments with paint pours and abstract shapes.

Camille is currently pursuing opportunities for collaboration and mural design. She hopes to expand her talents in the local community.

Photos in order:

  • “Lucy in the Sky”; 36″ X 36″ up-cycled canvas; acrylic, gouache, spray
  • “Orange County”; 36″ X 48″ up-cycled canvas; acrylic, gouache, spray
  • “Queen Bee”; vintage door from PJ Abbeys in Santa Ana; acrylic
  • “Imago”; 20″ X 24″ gallery wrap canvas; acrylic