I was born and raised in Chicago and educated at Loyola University of Chicago and Northern Illinois University.

My work is influenced by the survival of two near-death experiences in my life. At birth, my mother and I died in childbirth. It created a special soul bond between us. I was choked by the umbilical cord while in a breech position. When we were brought back to physical life, this was the beginning of our death to life story.

In 2008, I experienced a head-on car wreck, my second near death experience. I traveled to the other side through a tunnel, and met angels and deceased loved ones, and they told me it was not my time. I saw colors that were not invented on earth in heaven. When I returned to my body, I began to paint those colors with intention.

Recently, in January 2021, my mother lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. Her soul lives on as one of my favorite creative muses in my art studio now.

I paint by soul transforming death into life – loss and survival, joy and happiness, and special moments. Art by Michelle Strbich is like opening a door into an emotional experience that allows you to bring your own soul into the piece.

Each art piece is influenced directly from Divine God’s energy, inspired from the other side. I was given the gift of creativity upon my return and now choose to heal others through my art. My paintings are about the transition from death to life.

I combine colors when using acrylic paints with shapes and texture. I’m attracted to the large, bright and bold, and when they come together, they are like jigsaw pieces that find their way home to a complete puzzle. It is in the spontaneity, self-determination, and movement that the layers of my paintings capture the story of emotions.

When I paint, I don’t have a plan; instead, I allow the colors and texture to speak to me, like messengers, working the canvas. My purpose is to create abstract expressionist paintings to lift and heal your spirit.

Today, I live fully recovered, healthy and happy, in my beautiful sleepy beach town in Southern California painting one-of-a-kind originals.