Open Heart Art : Corey Clark



Corey is a self-taught artist from Southern California. His creative journey began in 2014 when he discovered his passion and creative connection to painting. His intuition leads him to starting the practice of creating Mandalas. Through this process he has begun to learn more about his true self and utilizing his own intuition. 

Corey Clark is a creative force,

Whether in his art studio where he weaves together an infusion of Geometry, Color, Language, Nature and Mysticism, or in the space he holds as a guide in movement and meditation. Playful, Knowing, and Soulful.

“Allowing those present to connect to their own Creative and Intuitive selves, therefore deepening their connection to all nature reveals.”

“Making a Mandala is a discipline for pulling all those scattered aspect of your life together”

-Joseph Cambel